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Hot off the press: The newer Ebit E9 Plus has arrived

cryptocurrency bitcoin miner machine Ebit E9 PlusWhat is digital currency? What are bitcoins and why are people so crazy about them?  Well most people would prefer to be wealthy, but wealth involves more than just money in this new generation.  Many financial transactions can be done in a week without even looking at dollars and cents. As technology increases, so also do the ways that we engage in buying and selling as well as mining with this newest version of Ebit E9 Plus.  

Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency or digital currency. Bitcoins seem a throwback to the days when one would exchange dollar bills for tokens to spend a great deal of valuable time playing great games at an arcade.  Sometimes success in those games would result in a long string of tickets that can be exchanged for a toy. This is a little like what happens in bitcoin mining with Ebit E9 but with a few differences. Bitcoins are not controlled and regulated through the one central government the way money is.  Everyone has a share in the Bitcoin currency.

A software program is bank or game here and miners (people who act to acquire bitcoins) solve math problems to get the coins. It is encouraged that more people are involved to keep the network secure in approving transactions. The network eventually changes the difficulty of the math problems based on how quickly they are being solved.  Consequently, computers can no longer keep up so the process of mining turned to using gaming graphics cards or chips which made the process easier but took a lot of power.

ASIC, application-specific integrated circuit, technology has improved the process because it gets the job done faster and uses less power, but this new invention makes it difficult for the average Joe to be able to solve the complex programs to achieve the more evolved and valuable bitcoins.  This is where Bitcoin Mining hardware comes in. The most state of the art mining machine to date is the Ebit E9 Plus.

This will get you plenty of those tickets, I mean bitcoins. This Ebit E9 miner machine has a 14nm chip with a hash rate of 9TH/S. It uses the latest bonding technology and is more durable to protect your mining machine. The power usage ratio is 145W/T which is not a lot of power so you will have a higher hash rate. It has excellent heat distribution (so it will not overheat) and will yield results efficiently.  Do you want to enact that scene from Catch Me If You Can where Leonardo DiCaprio is printing money, but instead harvest Bitcoins? Do you want to take away the biggest prize from the longest string of tokens? Then buy the Ebit E9 Plus at Everything Coins website with free shipping and you will be finally laughing.